75 Days – 4900 Kilometers

Exploration of alpine countries Switzerland, (northern) Italy (incl. South Tyrol) and France, 4 languages and 2 currencies.

  • Total altitude: 41000 hm
  • Longest stage: 140 km Marburg – Mainz, Mainz – Marburg
  • Best stage: Filisur – Samedan with Albula Pass
  • Most challenging stage: Culoz – Morez in the High Jura: 110 km, 1880 hm, beautiful with wild camps on closed Camping Municipal
  • Average speed: 17.19 km/h
  • Top speed: 63.08 km/h
  • Minimum speed: 3.5 km/h
  • Maximum slope: 20%
  • Pushing sections: 2
  • Number of flat tires: 1
  • Number of accidents: 0
  • Number of rainy days: 2
  • Number of nights in private accommodation or hostel: 3
  • Number of nights in hotels: 0
  • Number of restaurant meals: 3
  • Number of nights spent with family and friends: 9

Twice we took the train 1) a bit towards the Gotthard Pass, 2) bridging towards Furka Pass, as the road was not suitable for bicycles, and twice ferry across the Rhine and Lake Constance.

Our Pass Passport

Col de la Forclaz (F, Rhone-Alpes) 1150m, without luggage
Col de Tamié (F, Rhone-Alpes) 907m, without luggage
Albulapass (CH) 2315m
Berninapass (CH) 2328m, without luggage
Ofenpass (CH,I) 2044m
Brünigpass (CH) 1013m, on bike path
Malojapass (CH, I) 1812m, without luggage, on MTB-Trail back to Samedan
Furkapass (CH) 2431m
Gotthardpass (I, CH) 2106m, partly cobblestone
Oberalppass (CH) 2046m
Col du Grand Ballon (F, Vosges) 1343m without luggage
La Planche des Belles Filles (F , Vosges) 1147m without luggage
Grand Columbier (F, Rhone-Alpes) 1501m without luggage
Col de la Lebe (F, Rhone-Alpes) 914m
Col du Cendrier (F) 793m

Detailed descriptions in the passport database of http://quaeldich.de

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