Andalusia: From Granada to Seville

We have passed through Catalonia, Castile, Valencia and are heading towards Seville.

‘Pueblos Blancos’ means ‘white villages’ where most of the houses are painted in white.
Antequera, the heart of Andalusia
The places often seem extinct. Perhaps people protect themselves from the merciless sun.
Break to drink and change clothes

The region we have been in for two weeks is called Andalusia. The landscape here is very different from the one on our previous passage through Spain. Dry and brown. The land is barren, desertish. Huge fields with olive trees, all irrigated.

Wind turbines. There is no action group here.
Arable edges are torched.

In Olvera there was sudden storms and rain.

Rocks keep tent and herrings
Clothes have dried in the morning after the rain.
The morning after the thunderstorm
The last clouds are pulling off
Via Verde, one of the few real cycle paths in Spain

On the way we burst into the annual tomato festival of a small town.

While we enjoyed home-baked apple pie from the tin, Nena’s 99 balloons ran over the loudspeakers.

Two days in Seville with our friends Dani and Matthias: sightseeing, cooking and talking together 🙂

The city is beautiful, worth seeing and worth living. However, the night before at a campsite in the desert dust in Dos Hermanas, a city with more than 100,000 inhabitants as well as the ride through the suburbs of Seville was not funny. When we woke up on Monday morning we thought we had camped in the the middle of the motorway junction 🙁

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