Under Police Protection

Saturday morning, break down the camp and go into the lively town Vranje. Like always, when we enter a new country – and this is the 10th – we buy a new SIM card, a map and have to change money. We walk around in the pedestrian zone to run our errands. There I met Daniela. Daniela is Serbian, born once in Germany which she had left at a little girl. She is so happy to meet us, wants to drink coffee with us and eat ice cream. Her friend left to buy us a serbian map and she called her husband, so that he can also meet and great us.

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Marian arrives with bike and sport dress

Marian is Chief of the frontier police and representer of the serbian police union. After we have spend the morning together, have clarified all relationships, the economic sitiuationof Serbia and planned the further tour, Marian leads us out of the city.

Exemplary behaviour! Selfie n the arterial road.

With his private and business number to contact him whenever we need his help, we said good bye.

The trip is long, but flat. The first one since months.

Late we arrived Nis, the 3rd biggest city of Serbia. with many, many students who on this Saturday evening are out in the city, at the river and in the parc. Here the European Championships of woman basketball start this weekend. We have no pictures as it was too hot and we were hanging aroung somewhere in the shadow.

We continue in the direction to the border triangle Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania. Beautiful route. Since two month we see the first signs for cyclists.

Wir stay over night at Bojan’s guesthouse. He rents two tents for Cyclists and Adventurers. Perfect for us.

The tent we rented
Stop at the pool

Serbien was worth a voyage. If we would have not all the annoying mosquitos!


  1. How wonderful that you are meeting kind helpful people on your journey. Your trip is inspiring me to make sure we continue taking adventures with our family. I like the system you have for entering new countries. 🙂

  2. Mosquitoes go for me right away. A nuisances! The pool looks inviting. Europe was very hot that week!
    Do you converse in English with most of the people?
    Fun selfies!

  3. I love that you had a police escort! I am happy to hear that you have others watching over you. Mosquitos love me also!

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