What do we miss

  1. Philipp and Lennart!!!!
  2. Printed daily Press
  3. Home made jam and selfmade cake
  4. Rhubarb- and strawberry season (Astrid)
  5. Travel Guide books for each country we enter
  6. Pillow (Rolf)
  7. Listen music (Rolf)
  8. Poppy-seed roll and Haribo jellies (not really)
  9. You !! Of course, we are happy that you read our blog.But, it would be so great if we sit and talk together. We still hope that you will meet or join us sometime when we will be in your country.

We do NOT miss …

  1. hot showers (we always found one)
  2. nice, warm weather (bad weathers brings people together, we enjoyed the hospitality whereever we have been)
  3. comfort and luxury
  4. TV (maybe the Tour de France news only)

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