Heat Battle in North-West Greece

Hot summer period started beginning of June with blue sky, burning sun and temperatures over 40 degree Celsius. We stood up early to have at least some hours to ride in acceptable temperatures. The planned day trip had 100 km and again a lot of high metres and we were happy about the air flow.

70km no shop

Carelessly we biked too long, enjoyed the lonely roads in the mountains and forget that temperatures went up in the 40ies, did not drink and eat enough. When the first exhaustion arised, it has been nearly too late. Finally a little village. But … siesta. Deserted. We stopped again and again to get back a little energy. Should we look for a room ? Should we adapt the route ?

We finished what we had planned, but we were not in a good constitution. Heat cramps in the legs, not hungry any more. We hoped for the night to rest and come back to live.

Extraordinary we took a rest day and explored the beautiful city Iaonnina, the lake and its island :-), but will take better care next time.

That was Greece.

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