Once Around the World

If you measure the circumference exactly along the equator, that is, if you put the tape measure around the ‘belly of the earth’, it is exactly 40,075.017 kilometers. If, on the other hand, the tape measure is placed from pole to pole and further around, it is only 40,007.863 kilometers around the earth.

We have not cycled any of the measuring tapes, but have cycled 40,075 kilometers with our bicycles from April 01, 2019 to September 12, 2023. We have not come around the world, but experienced much of Europe from the perspective of a cyclist and this year also took a look at Asia Minor. We are still getting to know corners that we have not heard of before.

These are prospects, views, insights, experiences, the great freedom, normal everyday life, adventures and crises. Our index for flexibility and tolerance has increased significantly.

2023 offered surprises and adventures of the most diverse kind. The conquest of the unknown Asia Minor has certainly been one of the most exciting. Armenia and the Black Sea coast of Turkey from Eastern Anatolia onwards, including its hospitable, open people were the highlights of our tour. Six weeks and 3000 kilometers, it should not be longer. Making a virtue out of necessity, we were able to meet our boys, family and friends in midsummer and cycled another 3500 kilometers through Central Europe in August. The weather gods gave us southern temperatures and sun until October and we allowed ourselves a vacation, grateful that we could start cycling again.

Ciao bella mare
Turin: Piazza San Carlo
Biraghi ice cream parlor: two euros most delicious cream ice cream in the wafer in the central square in Turin
Final beer just before departure in Turin
Ciao, arrivederci in primavera

The penultimate stage is the night bus from Turin to Frankfurt main station. From there we cycle in the best weather on October 10 to the home port. Tour 2023: https://rapl-kiste.de/wp/maps/

In four years we have written 230 posts. 507 great comments we have received from you. Numerous feedbacks outside of the blog. The blog is a piece of connection to you, preserves the memories and prevents homesickness. You give us joy, you are our motivation, we keep writing.

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