Another Perspective – Masurian Landscape

Masuria is a region in northern Poland, famous for its 2000 lakes. The terrain is rather hilly, with connecting lakes, rivers and streams. There are a lot of bike trails though the pine forests, mostly sandy or with copple stones. You pass old wood houses, some more than 500 years old.

We have booked a 3-Days-Tour with kayaks, left our bicycles at the agency and put half of our stuff, tent, cooking equipment and so on in the kayaks. The view from the boat, eye in eye with the swan families, the world looks quite different.

Time seems to be stopped. Pure nature, amazing flora and fauna. If there is a gap at the shore, you can stop and put up your tent. At night you see overall fire places at ghe shore and the sky full of stars is magic.

After three days we have trained our body, arms and hands quite well and happy to go back on the bike.

We leave Poland and are looking forward to explore a new country – Lithuania.


  1. We used to kayak. We still have our kayaks but haven’t taken them out in quite a while. Love seeing the swans!

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