Blessing in Disguise

That we test the hospitality of the Turks also in the hospital, we have not imagined. But some unexpected things happen on our trip. After we have given the prize to one of the most beautiful campsites with the cordial operator Sevki, we go on the last stage through the Pontic Mountains. The day before we went sea kayaking and swimming in the bay at Sevki’s place. We could have spent longer time here.

Akarsu Camping Karaman: Sevki built everything himself

We still allow ourselves a detour to the tourist Amasra. It is easily accessible from the back country and has therefore strongly developed tourism. There are hotels, souvenir stores and excursion boats.
We continue to Bartin. 80,000 inhabitants city without sea access, framed by mountains. Something is brewing in the sky. At the second we stop in a tea room and in that moment it starts to pour like from buckets. After an hour we are on our way again. Almost 40 kilometers are still ahead of us. In an unspectacular curve, moderately downhill, it happens. Astrid loses control of the bike and finds herself on the wet road. It quickly becomes clear that we are not able to cycle any further: fracture of the femur. Two days later, surgery is performed and our travel plans are completely different from the last seven weeks.
Turkish hospitality is ‘make yourself at home’. Hospitality in the hospital, we had not in the plan.

Umut (means hope) the nurse and physio

Room 306 of the Aktip Clinic in Bartin is our home for five days. The bikes connected in front of the side entrance.

With Dr. Göksel and his team of nurses, we find one of the most competent trauma surgeons. The recovery goes steeply uphill. We have pain, worries, but also fun. We laugh more than once about Turkish-German translations. Misunderstandings are always cleared up quickly. The food is great, the view beautiful. Rolf quickly makes acquaintances in the stores in the vicinity.
What a stroke of luck.

Three days later the farewell. The next home is already waiting: Otel Utku Konak. Found on, Rolf happens to drive by it while looking for wheel boxes. A few days Bartin in the lovingly prepared wooden hotel.

Metin, Soner, Nurdan take care of us as well as the nurses in the hospital

Our small room has its own fireplace, the breakfast is great.

Kahvalti means breakfast

At Tamircisi Bisiklet we organize a bicycle box for the return flight. But first we are invited by the owner to eat and drink. He also takes care of the packing.

At Tamircisi we meet Hüseyin from the local cycling club. He will take us and the bikes to the airport. Until then, we explore the lively city with countless stores, tea rooms, a large bazaar, and quiet residential areas.

One of the typical old wooden houses

We fly home Monday to change our means of transportation and then we’ll see. See you next Saturday here in the

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