Passes and Climbs

This collection is for all fans of data, facts and figures and pass hunters. The first one was ‘Passport Photos’ from us in 2020, which we collected in Switzerland and France. For more details, search the passes and climbs in CYCLINGCOLS.COM.

This collection does NOT contain the numerous nameless passes and climbs that have also cost us quite a few beads of sweat.

Appenine crossing 993munn (I)
Passo Godi 1337müNN, Abruzzo (I)
Abruzzo (I)
Watershed Atlantic – Mediterranean in the Cévennes (F)
Hard climb, start of the Pyrenees Cross at Mont Louis (F)
Spanish Pyrenees (E)
Spanish Pyrenees (E)
Aragon, Spanish Pyrenees (E)
Alejandro Valverde has already climbed high here. Aragon (E)
Col de Pourtalet, border pass Spain – France, 22 kilometers climbed
The pass over Hautacam (F)
Hautacam, Tour de France 2022 Mountain Arrival (F)
The clouds are wet like a sponge (F)
Per pedes, French Pyrenees (F)
On foot and by bike, Pyrenees (B)
1709müNN, Legendary Tour de France Pass (F)
Col de Lecharria 832 m above sea level (Atlantic Pyrenees, F)
Border passport Spain – France
Jaizkibel 545m, known for San Sebastian Classics, will be Tour de France Pass for the first time in 2023
Basque Country (E)
Collado de Carmora in Cantabria (E) has been in the program 597müNN and at the Vuelta already five times.
We hold for every pass. In any case, this was not the easiest. (E)
In Kantarbria (E)
Itziar 225m in the Basque Country (E)
Meaga, Basque Country (E)

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