Today we do’nt do anything !

We have often said that: take a rest today. We have just interrupted our Pyrenees Cross in the High Pyrenees. We enjoy holidays instead of traveling. We hike and climb where we cannot get there by bike. An ARTE documentary made us curious about the Ordesa National Park. We do a great day tour in the national park with magnificent landscapes.

Torla: Entrance to the Ordesa National Park and starting point for many other routes
Meadows with flowering iris
Flowering broom colors the landscape
Cola de Caballo (ponytail)

At the end, after many kilometers, we agree: ‘Tomorrow we’ll do nothing’!

… and cycle to Valle Bujaruela the next day, to the point where the path becomes a climb. And then we climb to Puerto de Bujaruela, the Spanish-French border where we look into the Cirque de Gavernie on the French side.

Valle Bujaruelo
Hike in Valle Bujaruelo to the border with a panoramic view to Cirque de Gavernie.
View to France
The marmots ignore us.
Looking back to Spain

After these two terrific hikes, we really don’t do anything for a day. We lie at the pool, look at pictures, write the blog and maintain our muscle soreness.

Arriving on the French side, the temperatures increase extremely. We are in the heat wave that has swept across Europe. Temperatures rise above 40 degrees Celsius. Luckily, it cools down at night. We have a place that has shade in the morning and evening. In between, we really don’t do anything! Lie by the river and cool off in fresh water every half hour. It can be endured. We are waiting for the Tour de France and for rain.

Gave de Pau
Riddle: Which animal hid here?

Ursula’s backpacker tip, also suitable for athletes: When showering, stomp the clothes to be washed with your feet while the foam runs down the body: Two in one.

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