Bathing Season Started

At least for me because I am hydrophobic and need temperature beyond 20 degrees Celcius. Today I took a swim in the sea 🙂 The albanian Riviera is beautiful, the water crystal clear and blue, our camp site directly at the sea and behind us the mountains.

4000 kilometres have been ridden. At kilometer 3750 we got the first flat tyre. Our bikes called bike dreams, are very reliable which is necessary. The roads are partially very bad. To have a personal car have been only allowed since 2001. Before that the government approved only public cars, like busses and taxis, and of course for themself. The people walked, took public transportation and have had donkeys and horses, maybe motor bikes. This is why there are not many asphalt roads and also sometimes funny behaviour on the streets. They do not follow the rules. They drive on the wrong site. It would be a great experience for you, Neil, and other britains. we also need a while, but now we feel save.

View to the coast. In the background the greek island Corfu where we will meet our boys in a week.

Trip in the outback

Pictures from the most beautiful albanien city where we stayed three days at the home of Lila and Mozi who have the house with the most beautiful view to thw ‘city with the 1000 windows’.

View from our balcony.
Lila and Mozi

Llogara Pass (1027m) and now down hill to the sea.


  1. Good for you to brave the water!
    Oberon also boogie boarded this last weekend in the cold Pazifik for this time of year.
    Oh no! A flat tire! I’ve read about other bikers and the roads in these areas.
    Thank you as always for sharing your trip with us! I discovered the goat, probably trying to get to the hard to reach flowers.
    Continued save biking and may God keep you. ???❤️

    1. Was Heidi sagte mit der Google map das habe ich jetzt auch gemacht. Geht sehr gut!

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