Arachnophobia in Nantes

Wow, is this a time jump from the Spanish border to Nantes in France!

After a visit to the tourist office, we cycle to the city camp: complét. We are shocked. We does not expect that. Asking and begging has no effect. No mercy. What we have always feared in the high season has happened. No accommodation in the big city and it is already after six o’clock in the evening. We defiantly drink the already shopped beer, celebrating our arrival, at the campsite and book a room nearby.

The inhabitants of Nantes feel like Bretons. The operators of the hotel too.

The hotel looks like Crozon, has a great lounge in the former garage, a pizzeria with homemade bread and pizza and an little shop with local products. Our hosts are very warm and love their hotel and city. A lively city with Bretons which (since 1941) no longer belongs to Brittany. We set up the wet tent in the morning on the nearest green to dry. Accompanied by a can of beer on the bench. It does not bother anyone: wild camping in Nantes.

In the evening in the music bar and restaurant Mata Hari,

in the morning at the In-Café on the market place

and the next evening at Café d’Ile, near Petit Port. On the docks we meet the Grande Elephant and the other animals in “Les Mashines”. Amazing !

Les Machines d’Ile
The Elephant in Action
‘I’ll get the fly’
Arachnophobia = spider fear

Finally, it must be the sweets on the hustle and bustle which has opened the first day today. The tram is free on weekends.

Churros are called Chin Chin in France.
View from Café d’Ile at Petit Port

In the warehouses on the ile at the other side of the river you will find one or the other promising location. We can recommend everything.

Young and old, rich and poor, more locals than tourists, chic and shock, French multicultural. Nantes is a lovely city. After this culture flash we cycle to the Noirmoutier, where we will meet friends from Germany.

The road appears at low tide only.
On the campsite at the northern tip, the pole position is free.

We spend a great evening with friends we met on the campsite: the commissioner and his wife 🙂

The swimming trunk tan replaces the cyclist’s tan.

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