Criss-cross, North to South, Up and Down, Adriatic Sea to the Riviera

You are wondering? We do not have a plan. The journey itself is the aim. Always following the nose. We go where we like it. Or where others we meet liked it. We do not miss a national park, a great campsite or a hot spot.

Via Provinzia. Here the dirt road goes through the vineyards 30 percent gradient and even pushing is a goal tour

We stay when it is lovely. We go to a dead end if there could be something. We enjoy the fact that our time is not finite.

So we drift through Italy like a lace-up boot, criss-crossing, onto the mountains and to the sea, just not so accurately.

Anversa degli Abruzzi, there are several of these villages that were created in another time
Camping Kokopelli by Kevin and Jaqui, the two Brits who built this special campsite 10 years ago
From our terrace you have a view of the southernmost glacier in Europe in the Gran Sasso
Rolf loves the outdoor kitchen with gas cooker most
Hiking: Kevin has looked at some routes and linked them to existing hiking routes.
San Liberatore Giro: 12th century abbey in the middle of solitude
Jungle Trail
Morning view of northern Abruzzo.

Although we already know that we will miss the mountains, we move towards the sea. On the first recommended place it is still quite nice.

Jewel on the Adriatic, south of Pescara
Sunrise: View out of our tent.
First flat stage in a long time towards the south. The 10 km/h restriction on the new cycle path is a challenge. Crazy? One of the best trails we have seen in this country.
Adriatic: only Italian tourists
Early June: it is prepared for the season. Everything is still quiet.
Punta Aderci. We did not imagine the Adriatic Sea to be so beautiful and natural.
The bikes run and run, thanks to good care. At this gas station there is air and a lovely chat with the gas station attendant who warns us of the coming heat wave
Faro di Punta Penna

After having to spend the night on a ugly campsite, we decide to head back to the mountains, towards the other side, towards Naples, Vesuvius and Amalfi. There are transfer stages ahead of us which does not mean ‘the way is the goal’. The scorching heat comes on top. Between 1pm and 4pm it is almost unbearable. The heat is consuming. We stop at every well and pour water into ourselves, from time to time a coke.

Route planning on the road with the nice gentleman who is more Italian than German and spends half of his time in southern Italy.
We cycle on the shadowless and carless bypass towards Campobasso, our destination today.
Campobasso: Promenade. 2 June Italy’s national holiday
Campobasso: up to the castle
Do you find the cat?

‘Fruta e Verdura’ is the name of the fruit and vegetable shops here. They offer what grows here. We have seen outdoor tomatoes – huge fields, fennel, lettuce. And countless hazelnut plantations. The production of Nutella and Nocciolata is secured.

A small video for the impression of a local passage in the direction of Naples.
Shopping mile in Southern Italy
High-tech ICE train station near Naples.

Theoretically, there is waste separation…

… in practice, the garbage is thrown out of the moving car and the wind ensures the sorted separation and distribution.
We conclude this story with the path of peace. If you prefer hiking rather than cycling, you can walk on it for several days. Non-campers can do ‘glamping’ at Camping Kokopelli.

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