Bologna, the oldest University in Europe

If you read this story and let the song “Amore” by the band Wanda run, you will be able to put yourself in our mood. Bologna is the oldest university city in Europe (older than Marburg – you cannot believe it). There is a lecture hall of anatomy from 1080 after Chr. Unfortunately, it was closed on Sunday. In addition, the city is simply beautiful to enjoy, the people, the life, the churches, the great arcades, the Jewish quarter, the flea market and the market district where you find the tastiest food and of course Aunt Ceccarelli, the key person of the song ‘Amore’.

Aunt Ceccarelli’s butcher’s shop with excellent pasta buffet
Bologna – Known for the best food
Arcades on Via Indepencia
Cattedrale di San Pietro
A Book Shop
Piazza Maggiore, sitting on the steps to the library, people watching.
On the steps to the library: Mother’s Day in Bologna
The sarcophagus had probably been built before the house.

At least one tower is crooked. The view of the rooftops of Bologna was denied to us because we had missed buying tickets online for the tower.

Photo of the day
Bologna – City of Arcades

Also in the surrounding towns there are overall the arcades with shops and cozy bars – very attractive.

Through the Po Delta – Mosquitoes and mosquitoes eating creatures and us

Rolf likes river deltas. Crossing the Po Delta was an adventure. Partly it leads on trails especially created for cyclists. In our cycling guide it says “The uniform agricultural landscapes and a rather melancholic atmosphere take some getting used to. Anyone who still knows the ‘Don Camillo’ films has an idea of the bassa”. That is the way it is – only with us it is in color.

Rivers and canals are fished with these nets. Unfortunately, we do not see a catch.
Not only mosquitoes, there are also plenty of flamingos.
Where are the rice fields?
River Po
Photo of the day

At the end of the day we camp on the Adriatic coast north of Ravenna, on one of the old places that belonged to the Teuton grill in the 1970ties.

The campsite own beach looks like this.
The campsite belonging to the beach has ****

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