Benelux Countries Netherlands and Belgium

Holland that means ships, locks, dikes and canals. Pitoresque towns, windmills, camping and cycling, and the whole country is like a zoo with cows, sheeps, horses, donkeys, chickens, geese etc.

Gulliver’s Travels
Belgian fries are extraordinary – we will rent that imbiss car for our next party

We were already impressed in Sweden, but in the Netherlands, where a considerable part of the country is below sea level and land has been massively extracted, it is even more remarkable. We pass some bridges on our journey, and enjoy ferry, boat and water bus rides.

We discover the Minicamping, means camping on one of the 2000 farmer’s campsites and seems exclusively visited by Dutch. We get the tips on the bike path. In this bicycle friendly country we feel very wecomed. The cheerful, travel-loving people live up to their reputation.

Route planning: Instead of GPS, sign point by sign point that meens at each sign point you find a map with all sign points and can navigate point by point.

Our current station is Maastricht. We enjoy a wonderful late summer day at the Maas, called La Meuse in Belgium and France. Tomorrow the campsite closes. It is not the only one to finish the season for this year. Autumn is coming. The days are getting much shorter. When the sun disappears, it is fresh and, very quick, cold. In the morning, it takes time until the tent is dried up and the fast laundry does not work anymore. Birds gather and form to fly to the warm African sSouth. What a spectacle!

A kingfisher has picked up the fish here

Rolf has overhauled the wheels, changed the sprockets, chain and coats.

Petra, Joerg and Buddy spent a wonderful evening with us in Maastricht


  1. Wow! What a surprise to see Petra and Jörg! Is that Buddy that lives in Köln, Petra’s best friend? I’ve never met her but heard about her.
    Great job getting up on that giant bike!
    What a trip! Keep writing! Enjoying your stories tremendously!

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